Finding Vital Records

Vital Statistics is the recording of all Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Civil Unions that occur within a municipality. If you're requesting vital records, you need to contact the town in which the birth, marriage or death happened.  Look for the official town website, and then you will need the vital records department or the health department.

Vital Records in NJ

Requesting Vital Statistics from Bloomfield Township

Vital Statistics records have been kept in Bloomfield since 1848. 


Historic NJ Vital Records

The searchable databases provide access to database entries, indexing documents and photographs housed at the New Jersey State Archives. Database development is currently focused on post-1878 death records (now complete through June 1896), early land records, and the records of the Supreme Court. Archives staff add and edit database entries daily. Please be sure to re-check this site often for new content.


NJ Death Index

Reclaim the Records (RtR) wins the New Jersey Death Index 1904-2017.  RtR is trying to retrieve some of the missing records with the help of staff at the New Jersey State archives in Trenton. They are being very helpful.  For years that are missing RtR will order microfilms from the archives and then scan and put the data online. This will not happen for a while. But the 1930-1948 records will still be missing any index. The records they were able to get are indexes—not actual death records—of the New Jersey death index for about half of 1920-1924, all of 1925-1929, 1949-2017. The following years of the New Jersey Death index are still missing: 1904-1919 ,half of 1920-1924 and 1930-1948.

Vital Records in NYC


Ordering Historic NY City Vital  Records 

The Municipal Archives maintains historical birth, death and marriage records for the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island).  The collection includes:  Birth certificates prior to 1910. Death certificates prior to 1949. Marriage certificates (records of marriages reported to the Health Department) prior to 1938; and Marriage license records (including the affidavit, license and certificate filed by the City Clerk) dated 1908 to 1949.


NYC Office of the City Clerk

For marriage records after 1949.

New York City Department of Health

For birth records after 1909.  For death records after 1948.

ItalianGen Indexes Databases 

BMD Records for NY City from ItalianGen.  An excellent resource for anyone of any nationality looking for birth, marriage or death records in NY City.  These are indexes.  Once you find the names and dates, look online to research how to request vital records from the local health departments.


Reclaim the Records New York State

Indexes to Vital records for NY State.  


Genealogy and Local History Resources


Bios & Obits

Finding Vital Records

Newspaper Archives

City Directories

Census Records

Immigration Records

House History

Township Maps

Bloomfield HS Yearbooks


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