Museum Passes




Bloomfield residents, 18 years or older, with a valid Bloomfield Public Library in good standing, are eligible to check out a museum pass at the Main Library circulation desk. There is a limit of one museum pass per household at a time. See below for our current pass selection. 

Grounds for Sculpture

1 membership card

Admits up to 4 adults. Seniors and children may substitute in place of adults.

Montclair Art Museum

2 membership cards

Admits 2 adults, plus all children in that same household up to age 18.

NY Transit Museum

2 membership cards

Admits up to 2 adults and 4 children.


2 membership cards

Admits up to 4 adults or seniors, plus half-price admission for a maximum of 2 more guests. Children under age 12 are free.

Museum of the City of New York

2 membership cards

Admits 2 adults, plus 4 children

Newark Museum of Art

2 membership cards

Admits up to 2 adults plus children in that household up to age 17. (Formerly the Newark Museum.)

Intrepid Museum

1 membership card

Admits up to six people per day to the Sea, Air & Space Complex.

NY Historical Society

2 membership cards

Admits 2 people and includes entry to the DiMenna Children's History Museum. 

Storm King Arts Center

2 membership cards

Admits 2 adults and up to 4 children under the age of 18 in that household.

Terms & Conditions

  • Museum passes can be borrowed for 3 days.

  • Patrons must leave a $40 deposit, in exact change, cash only, when checking out their museum pass; this deposit will be returned to them when the pass is returned on time.

  • Museum passes must be returned to the Bloomfield Public Library when it is open; they cannot be put into the bookdrop.

  • The library is not responsible for sharing the schedules of the museums. The patron is responsible for ensuring the museum will be open when they are planning to go.

  • Patrons are expected to respect the rules of the museums they are visiting.

To ask questions about BPL's Museum Pass borrowing program, please contact us.