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This entry was posted on May 6, 2014.

Welcome to the Bloomfield Public Library

Sharing a review of our Financial Book Club by one of the summer session's graduates.....Fall session begins Sept 16. Join us Tuesdays @ 6pm!
"This is the first time I attended the Financial Workshop facilitated by Ms. Chris Taylor. I wanted to share my opinion of the experience.
Terrific workshop! Totally changed my perspective of how to financially navigate through life! I no longer feel like a puppet on a string, at the mercy of higher, wiser financial powers.
The information Chris Taylor has shared has empowered me. Her class has opened new vistas for me. I am now building my own portfolio, among other ventures.

Now, I have intelligent choices to pursue in planning my future. Thanks to Ms. Taylor, I have the insight to make informed financial decisions that are in MY best interest.

Ms. Taylor has shared the tools that are required to aide in becoming the master of my financial destiny.

Her impressive knowledge on the topics she teaches and her supportive teaching style has made the learning experience not only eye opening but also enjoyable.

There are also perks to attending the Financial club facilitated by Ms. Taylor. She ensured that the club members attended a Financial Seminar given by Ameriprise that gave us further insight. She scheduled accredited guest speakers from various financial sectors to round out the agenda at appropriate weekly club meetings. As a helpful review or information for a missed club meeting, she routinely emails club members an overview of the points that were covered during the weekly meeting. No member is left behind!

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in breaking the yoke of financial dread and replacing it with the beginnings of financial freedom.

Financial club members, empowered with knowledge, eagerness and an investigative nature, can wisely branch out monetarily, along the path that Ms. Taylor has expertly revealed.

Informed, we can apply the tools learned in the Financial club that Chris Taylor leads and perform our due diligence along the road to financial well being.

Now, it's all up to us!

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Bloomfield Public Library shared G. D. Falksen's photo. ...

www.openculture.com/2014/03/the-harvard-classics-download-all-51-volumes-as-free-ebooks.html Is this helpful ?

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This week, local children will be performing FROZEN: A CHILDREN'S RECITAL to benefit the children of Peru. All they ask is that you donate a used pair of shoes in good condition. Bring your kids! This Friday, August 22 @ 2:30 pm in the Little Theater! ...

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