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What I got most out of poetry class is the assignment of writing poems.  Sure, all poets love to write, but it is being disciplined to write and create a new piece. It is keeping a notebook and using it for writing and thoughts. It was hearing other people's views positive and negative on my work I presented to the class.  This is what you and this wonderful class has given me.


This club was fun, supportive, encouraging, inspirational, and I met some really nice people and awesome poets. My poetry has evolved since being involved in this group.


Poetry Club

This club will cover:

Do you write poetry but lose enthusiasm
when you don’t know where it is going?

Is the fact of your writing enough for you or would you like to learn where it might take you and make you a better poet?

In this seminar, we will learn together how to share your writing, how to profit from the ear of others and incorporate what you hear from others into improved skills.

We will season these skills into the pride of identifying yourself as a poet through public readings, listening to your inner voice and honing each poem into how it wants to emerge.

Making your writing work for you is, in itself, an art form.  Being aware of how this process comes about is what this seminar is all about.

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Tuesday - Saturday:

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